Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer is an automated training system, projected onto a 3 meter screen,
various training sessions as listed below. It’s just like having a training session, but on a large screen, making instructions easier to follow.

Class Discriptions

Strength Training

Strength training is the best way to strengthen the entire body. The videos will guide participants through various exercises focusing on upper body strength, core conditioning, lengthening and strengthening. Some classes require equipment such as hand weights or a mat.


The dance classes blend a variety of dance styles, from latin flare to mambos and cha chas. Participant will leave these classes having used every muscle in their body. The dance classes provide the perfect calorie burning workout without sacrificing any of the fun.


In our Aerobics classes, participants are guided through movement patterns and dance inspired steps for a fun but effective cardio workout. Beginner classes have basic movement patterns and easier choreography, while intermediate classes provide a bigger challenge for experienced students. Regardless of level, the aerobic classes will improve coordination as well as overall fitness and conditioning.

Kick'n Circuit

Kick'n Circuit classes focus on high repetition exercises combining kicks, punches, push-ups, jumps and squats. Kick'n Circuit guarantees an effective full body workout by enhancing cardiovascular performance and endurance while strengthening the entire body. All classes include cardio training, muscle training and stretching. The 15 minute version leaves out stretching.


Bodytoning is designed to build strength, endurance, stability, and balance from the inside out. By using body weight as resistance and following along to the rhythm of music, participants get a demanding and enjoyable full body workout. Advanced Bodytoning classes provide a real challenge: requiring coordination, strength and stamina.


Our Effective Pilates classes draw from the nearly one hundred year old art of Contrology, better known today as Pilates. These classes will teach you how to build your strength, flexibility and endurance around your spine, using the muscles of your core; making every day activities easier and more enjoyable.


The yoga classes are composed to build strength, mobility, endurance and tranquility. This gives participants renewed energy, body awareness, stress reduction, good posture and inner strength. Both our beginner and intermediate yoga classes are built up as follows:

Neck and Shoulders

The Neck and Shoulders class keeps people pain-free by reducing tension while increasing strength and flexibility in the stabilizing muscles of the neck and shoulders. A few minutes a day is enough for participants to feel their best and prevent discomfort.


In 10x10, strengthening exercises are done for ten sets of ten repetitions to deliver a demanding and fat-blasting workout. These simple strength-building moves get muscles burning and hearts pumping quickly, during this whole body workout.


Yoga Burn

Created and led by Rodney Yee, the innovative Slow Burn Yoga workout combines continual transition between essential yoga moves with resistance repetitions. The resulting burn shapes lean muscle and challenges your mind.

Power Up Yoga

This total fitness-based approach to yoga emphasizes strength and flexibility, increasing your overall fitness level and allowing you to perform your everyday activities with ease.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga combines cardio with toning and traditional yoga poses for a completely energizing experience.

The FIRM: Total Body Time Crunch

The FIRMs secret weapon against unwanted flab: a signature combination of aerobics and weights that is 3 times more effective at burning fat than aerobics alone. This workout alternates high energy, calorie hungry cardio moves with unique, targeted body shaping exercises.

The FIRM: Pump Jump n Jab

Thiskickboxing videois a powerful fat-burning routine that fuses cardio kickboxing with total body sculpting. Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels guides in you as you kick-start your metabolism and break weight loss plateaus.

The FIRM: Cardio Party

The FIRM Cardio Party is a 40-minute heart-pumping, fat-burning workout designed to burn calories, and shrink your body while having a great time with your favorite The FIRM Master Instructors.

The FIRM: Get Chiseld

Master Instructor Rebekah Sturkie leads these energizinginterval workout videosof power push cardio mixed with energizing and functional body-sculpting moves. Youll blast away fat while you create long lean muscles, rev up your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

The FIRM: Time Crunch Cardio

Developed by Master Instructor Allie Del Rio, this incredible program is designed to pack a powerful fat-burning punch into short, high-energy sessions. The key is The FIRM's proven Mini-Burst technique, which combines intense 8-second intervals with a short period of active recovery to accelerate weight loss.

The FIRM: Power Half Hour

Get maximum results in a minimum amount of time with Power Half Hour! This workout delivers a body-firming, fat-burning workout in just half an hour!

Better Body Blast

Burn fat and build lean muscle while target-toning your abs, arms, hips and thighs with three high-energy workouts that maximize calorie burn while toning and tightening your entire body. Master instructor Jessica Smiths fun, upbeat instruction style will keep you engaged and motivated to dropand keep off!those stubborn 10 pounds!

Cross Training

Variety is the key for accelerated results and staying motivated. Using a combination of workout styles and techniques from kickboxing, yoga, Qi Gong, sculpting and Pilates, Jessica Smith and Guillermo Gomez offer five total body workouts so it's impossible to get bored.

Balance Ball

Challenge your body in a fresh, innovative way with this highly effective Balance Ball workout. By using functional exercises (those that mimic everyday activities), you'll see significant results with less risk of injury. This brand new blend of balance and endurance will help you build strength and stability while improving your posture and toning your entire body.

Walk, Sculpt, & Tone

Get all the benefits in one low impact aerobics workout: develop endurance and burn fat with energetic cardio walking, and build upper and lower body strength and definition with challenging toning circuits. Add weights to increase calorie burn or simply up the intensity by picking up the pace.

Cardio Pilates

Master Pilates instructor Mari Winsor has taken the graceful Pilates style and amped it up with more power, higher energy and non-stop motion. Now you can kick, squat, and lunge your way to a long lean Pilates body.

Pilates for Abs

A vigorous workout for anyone wanting firmer abdominals fast! The strong and lean Pilates body starts with core muscles. Pilates Abs Workout helps slim and strengthen those core muscles.

Cardio Burn & Sculpt

By fusing the best of yoga, Pilates, and aerobic conditioning, Tanja Djelevic leads you through high-energy strengthening workouts that target the entire body. These blends of cardio and strength building moves will enable you to burn calories while improving posture, core strength, stability, and overall toning.

Yoga w/ Kathrine Budig

Aim True Yoga will help you focus your energy and intention, resulting in a stronger, leaner, and more flexible body in no time! Kathryn Budig will joyfully lead you through full-length vinyasa yoga classes while presenting poses in an accessible and beneficial way.

Yoga  Beginner w/ Rodney Yee

Leave your busy routine behind and release your stress, while surrounded by beautiful Hawaiian landscapes! This video, by GAIAM, will give you the tools to establish a rewarding yoga routine by teaching you the fundamentals and importance of proper alignment.

Kickbox: Core Cross Train

Thanks to this video, by GAIAM, you will improve your cardio by high kicking, while surrounded by the stunning views of the Grand Canyon! Patricia Moreno designed this workout to give you new ways to engage your core, helping you to gain endurance, strength, and grace.

Dance Cardio Party

The Rhythmica Dance Cardio Party videos are fast-paced and exciting, so you will forget youre working out. The fresh, funky dance moves will make you sweat, as you firm and tone your arms, legs, core and more!

Pilates  Beginner w/ Mari Winsor

Mari Winsor will enable you to get the most out of your Pilates workout, helping you to develop long, lean muscles and increase your strength and energy levels. This GAIAM video is the definitive Pilates beginners guide, teaching correct alignment and form to achieve faster, safer results.

Pilates  Flat Abs

Master Pilates instructor Mari Winsor, will take you through over 17 ab-sculpting moves sequenced to make your core burn. These two 20-minute workouts will target your midsection from many angles to give you sleek, flat abs.

Yoga  Beginner w/ Chrissy Carter

Discover everything you need to know to start your yoga practice and fall in love with it. The acclaimed Chrissy Carter will walk you through the basics, in a program designed to increase strength and flexibility while relieving stress.

The FIRM: Calorie Explosion

The FIRM Calorie Explosion allows you to customize your workout  choose a quick individual routine, mix two or three, or perform the entire session for the maximum calorie burn! No matter what your choice, these hardcore cardio workouts will blast fat as you burn calories.


Zumba Basic Steps

With 4 different Basic Step programs you will:

Get a taste of salsa, merengue, cumbia and reggaeton with four amazing Zumba Fitness instructors.

Learn the basic steps for salsa, soca, samba and merengue, and get groovy with the awesome Zumba Fitness instructors Nick, Armando, Heidy and Lindsey.

Get down with Brazilian dance, Latin dance, electro merengue and hip-hop and four of our hottest international Zumba Fitness instructors.


Shake it with bellydance; and move to the beat of our cumbia, reggaeton and merengue mash up with our favorite Zumba Fitness instructors Nick, Armando, Heidy and Lindsey.

Cathe produces fun, intense, and challenging workouts for all body types and fitness levels. Her award-winning workouts include boxing moves, high-intensity classes and a variety of low impact classes.

Hard Strikes

Intense cardio is infused with basic boxing moves and a bit of kickboxing to deliver a challenging and rewarding conditioning session.

HiiT  30/30

30 second high intensity plyo reps are followed by 30 second rest periods for 16 rigorous intervals. HiiT workouts are a great way to burn fat when you're short on time.

HiiT  40/20

40 second high intensity plyo reps are followed by 20 second rest segments taking your HiiT workout to the next level! It is one of the best ways to burn fat in 30 minutes or less.

HiiT  Double Wave Pyramid

Work your way up and down the interval pyramid for a workout that will have you sweating and feeling the burn! This HiiT sessions demands results.


Both step and floor aerobics are combined in this fast-paced, truly high-intensity cardio challenge.


Tabata training will improve your cardio and ability to burn fat, long after you have finished your workout. These intervals may be short, but they are EXTREMELY challenging.

Low Impact Challenge

A highly contagious all step workout that rocks out to great music, keeping the intensity level HIGH and the impact LOW.

Yoga Max

This invigorating yoga workout builds heat and power in the muscles to encourage long, strong muscles. It will help you improve cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Yoga Relax

A soothing workout that focuses on rejuvenating the body, calming the mind, and of course flexibility.